Saturday, September 8, 2007

Today i feel suck

damn today was my horrible day i can't take it anymore everything just wrong n i always in the false site......... the gril i amired told me just go 2 see the psycology doctor because i'm tool her i fall in love with her today.......... everything just suck i just want 2 end my life....... i ever hv a grilsfriend, i don't think i'm bad looking, i also ever think i not enough attratic........ but when i told some girl i fall in love with them everything will just going wrong, it's my faith??? can somebody told me what can i do about it?? i want 2 die but it's hard when u 2 clear with your own responsibility n your position eventhough u want 2 sucide it will going extremly hard n difficult............. Suck...................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007


I'm a hunter !! Wolf hunter!!! the night with the full moon is the night of hell by the wolf!! watch out your back u may be the next target of the wolf !!!!!!!!

Wolf Wagen Legend

Born in a cool n dark night, it was so cool until the leaf become ice!!! 1st year of its born he sucessfully kill 60 people, 20 of children n 40 of woman mostly the woman like 2 stay outsides in late night !!! Wanted by FBI n certain secret agency(bad). . . . . Every victim will died in a situasion with a stell chain lock over the hand n leg, hence all victim head n heard disappear. . . . . Watch out your back mostly woman like 2 stay outsides in late night . . . . .MAYBE U WILL BE THE NEXT . . . . WOOOOOO. . . . . . . . . . .